Wood’s Tall Timber Lake Resort

Rules and Regulations

as of 6/1/10

·  Anyone wishing to rent a campsite/cabin/cottage must be 21 years of age or older and provide sufficient and valid identification.  
·  Any and all alcohol is to be left at the responsible party’s campsite/cabin/cottage. No inappropriate behavior will be tolerated as a result of alcohol consumption. Inappropriate behavior may result in expulsion from WTTL.  
·  No firewood may be brought into the park and placed on the ground. Any firewood that is brought into the Resort MUST be kept on a truck bed, tarp, or trailer and must NEVER touch the ground unless being burned. Once firewood is transported into the Resort, it must be burned and may not leave the Resort again. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has established these guidelines in order to keep the Emerald Ash Borer, a dangerous insect, out of the Resort.  
·  If camper owners intend on having a refrigerator and/or air conditioner, they must be off when the campground is closed for the season. Air conditioners must also be off when the camper is not occupied. If either of the two is on when they are not supposed to be, a fee will be assessed to the camper’s bill.  
·  All campers are responsible for their children and guests at all times. Children under the age of 18 must be on own campsite by 11:00pm unless accompanied by an adult.  
·  Campers must display camping permit when re-entering gate.  
·  All visitors must be out of park by 11:00pm.  
·  ABSOLUTELY NO swimming after 7:00pm.  
·  Park cars on your lot only. There is a limit of 2 vehicles per site. All other vehicles must be in main parking lot.  
·  Quiet time is from 11:00pm to 8:00am and is strictly enforced.  
·  No loud music or outdoor games after 11:00pm.  
·  No playground activities after 11:00pm.  
·  No children under the age of 12 are allowed on the playground ALONE at ANY time.  
·  No bicycling or skateboarding after 9:00pm.  
·  Any golf carts on the Resort grounds must be maintained and kept on the camper’s property. No reckless driving is allowed.  
·  No bicycle riding or skateboarding on concrete sidewalks in front/behind the bathhouse or in front of the clubhouse.  
·  No persons are permitted on the beach or in the concession area after 10:00pm.  
·  The maximum speed in the park is 10mph – this includes all motorcycles and bicycles.  
·  Rowdiness or other disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.  
·  No glass in swimming beach area or around the lake.  
·  Dogs (except for vicious breeds – rotweilers, pit bulls, etc.) are permitted in own campsite (one dog per campsite) but must be leashed at all times. Dogs may not be left at campsite when owners are out of park. Chronic barkers will be ejected.  
·  No pets in the Cabins or Cottages.  
·  No pets in beach area or swimming in lake.  
·  Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.  
·  Place all garbage in plastic bags, tied and put in receptacles.  
·  Do not throw any garbage in or around lake.  
·  Collect all wastewater and pour down marked drains. Do not throw on ground.  
·  Put hot charcoal in marked areas or in fire pits provided.  
·  Do not drive nails into trees or in picnic tables.  
·  No soliciting without permit.  
·  Please do not cut any trees or bushes.  

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